U.S. Military Veterans Re-entering Civilian Life

Words cannot express how grateful I am to CBN/700 Club and The Helping The Home Front Project for your ongoing commitment to aid and support U.S. military veterans reentering civilian life. Having several such individuals in our congregation, we are acutely aware of the physical, mental, social, and economic challenges each of them face making this transition. We are particularly thankful for your contribution to Ms. Valerie, who is a current member at Impact Family and veteran of the U.S. Army and Army Reserve Forces. Valerie has experienced many struggles since her transition and is still in great need, yet we are very confident, due to the incredible generosity of your program, as well as the support system she now has at Impact Family, that Valerie will be able to move forward in a positive and stable direction. Thank you!

In Love, Faith, & Service!

Pastor Todd

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