Providing financial assistance for military families in YOUR church!


  • 4,000 Superbook Boxes to Military Families

    Thanks to a partnership with multiple churches & chaplains, Helping the Home Front sent out 4,000 Superbook Boxes to military children across the east coast of the United States.  
  • American Sniper Wife Opens Up

    American Sniper wife Taya Kyle sat down with CBN News on the 700 Club to share her story about the life and death of her husband.  Taya has founded the…
  • Blessed Before a Permanent Change of Station

    When First Baptist Church of Wahiawa, HI reached out to Helping the Home Front about a military family in their congregation that needed help, we immediately stepped in. We fixed…
  • Army family receives a mortgage free home

    Helping the Home Front is once again partnering with Operation Finally Home to build this wonderful Army family a mortgage free home. Josh Ferguson lost a leg in the middle…
  • Military Family Receives Timely Surprise

    Spending the holiday’s together is something military families never take lightly.  Peter spent nine in the army as a black hawk helicopter mechanic. And one time, deployed for a year.…
  • Superbook Mega Giveaway for Military Families

    When CBN produced 4,000 Superbook Christmas boxes to give to children in military families this year, we knew the 2020 pandemic would present challenges. But that didn’t stop us. CBN’s…
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The Need to Help Military Families

As Americans we owe a great debt to those who put their lives on the line for our freedom, and to their families who bear the burden on the home front. Military families face tough circumstances on a daily basis and sometimes need a fresh start to meet their challenges.



Our goal is to financially assist the church so it can better support and disciple military families through multiple and lengthy deployments.To submit a request for assistance for a family in your church or ministry click here.


The generosity of our contributing Corporate Sponsors helps us to quickly meet specific needs such as appliances, furniture, car repairs, moving expenses, home repair services and so much more. Click here.

Need Help

Helping the Home Front partners with your local church to evaluate and facilitate donation assistance. Individual military families needing help, please ask your pastor to contact us to submit your application. For more information about how we help click here.

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Helping The Home Front
Helping The Home Front2 months ago
When Kevin left the Army, he and wife Michelle didn’t expect the high cost of living in Washington State now that they didn’t have military benefits. They put all their belongings in storage and moved in with family. However, they nearly foreclosed on their storage unit. That’s when CBN’s Helping the Home Front stepped in.
Helping The Home Front
Helping The Home Front3 months ago
Helping the Home Front is amazed at Matt’s diligence to become a Navy Chaplain. His financial journey wasn’t going well because Matt owed thousands in student loans. Matt and his wife didn’t visit family for two years to save money. Helping the Home Front paid for Matt’s loan, and paid to send them home for a visit! Watch their incredible story!
Koegel, Matt and Victoria