A: The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) gives donations to churches who identify military families in their congregation needing financial help. Your family and your church may be interviewed for a story on The 700 Club

A. Filming your family’s experience and airing it on The 700 Club is vital to keeping 700 Club viewers informed on Helping the Home Front’s progress.

A. Helping the Home Front works in partnership with local churches.  A brief email from your church explaining the family’s need is all that’s necessary to begin the approval process. Visit the Contact Page to send an email.
(Note: Financial assistance cannot be given directly to individuals)

A. The program is designed to honor active duty and their families. Exceptions for veterans will be made on a case-by-case basis.
A. If a single active duty member is responsible for someone in their household (child/parent/sibling, etc.) they will be considered.
A. Once approved, the process is generally completed within a few weeks.
A. CBN will send a check to your church for the approved funds. Your church will be responsible for providing CBN a simple accounting of how the funds were distributed.
A. Yes. All candidates who meet the criteria of military families needing assistance will be considered.
A. There is no financial obligation for your church to match the funds.
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