Blessed Before a Permanent Change of Station

When First Baptist Church of Wahiawa, HI reached out to Helping the Home Front about a military family in their congregation that needed help, we immediately stepped in. We fixed their car and bought them car seats for their children. They expressed their gratitude with these words:

"My family recently received a blessing from the Christian Broadcasting Network/Helping the Home Front. We truly are grateful and appreciative of the gift we received and know that it was God lead and inspired for us to receive this blessing when we did. We have just received PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders and I will be leaving my job in the next couple of months so it was so nice to be able to pay off our car repair bill so it will be once less bill to worry about during our transition."

Blessings to and everyone involved with Helping the Home Front

Pastor Steve Gray
First Baptist Church of Wahiawa

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