The High Cost of Living after Leaving the Military

When Kevin left the Army, he and wife Michelle didn’t expect the high cost of living in Washington State now that they didn’t have military benefits. They put all their belongings in storage and moved in with family. However, they nearly foreclosed on their storage unit. That’s when CBN’s Helping the Home Front stepped in.

Read their testimonial here. 

Here is what they said about it...

"Thank you so much to you and the CBN team for choosing to bless me and my family. We had all but given up hope on reclaiming our household goods. Through CBN, and with the help of The Avenue Church, we were able to finally be reunited with our items. It was truly an answer to prayer and a miracle from God. I am grateful that you chose to hear our story and help us. I pray that your ministry continues to reach others and shine the light of Christ."

Pastor Jessica Noe with The Avenue Church in Talbott, TN had this to say about the Kevin and Michelle’s case:
"Helping The Home Front has truly outdone themselves in assisting families that have served our country! Many times these individuals suffer silently and get overlooked when it comes to needing assistance. Working closely with The Bull Family and your incredible organization, I not only was educated on this real issue, but got to witness first hand the impact it had on a family close to home! What you have done by simply saying ‘yes’ will forever change the lives of The Bull Family and those around them."

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