Military Family Receives Timely Surprise

Spending the holiday’s together is something military families never take lightly.  Peter spent nine in the army as…

Spending the holiday’s together is something military families never take lightly.  Peter spent nine in the army as a black hawk helicopter mechanic. And one time, deployed for a year.

Peter says, “I’ve always felt responsible for the crew members on the aircraft. There’s two pilots and a crew chief. And if anything should go wrong in the air, that’s on me.  So, we make sure these aircrafts are good to go.”

His wife Sandra is extremely proud of Peter’s service.

“He had that bravery. He just knows that this is something that he’s called to do for his country.”

Peter decided to get out of the army and use his G.I. bill to go to college. But they learned it would take longer than expected for his school benefits to kick in which meant no income for three months.  At the same time their van needed tires and the transmission needed repair and Christmas was just weeks away. Their time in military housing was coming to an end.  They needed to move but didn’t have rent money.  Instead of preparing the holidays, the couple started contacting homeless shelters. The fights began.

Sandra recalls, “Panicking, frantic. I’m thinking, how are we going to support this family.  What is going to happen?”

With money matters out of her control, Sandra decided to work on something she could control–strengthening her relationship with god.  She started attending bethel community church near fort Campbell she joined a women’s bible study, and read the word every day.  She discovered a feeling of peace she didn’t think was possible.

Sandra says, “It really has proven that the more I decided to stick with god, the more that he wants so much for me, how much he loves me. How much he loves our marriage.”

When Peter noticed Sandra’s change, he started attending a men’s bible study.  It wasn’t long before Peter’s attitude changed too.”

Peter says, “It was just like a feeling of joy. Everything is because I’m going to trust in Christ, everything’s going to be okay because of that.”

Sandra adds, “Now the fight is for each other. To keep fighting for our future. For our family’s future.”

Bethel contact to helping the home front and asked CBN to step in.  Pastor Lance Phillips invited the couple to his home to share some big news.

Pastor lance told them, “CBN, in partnership with Bethel Community Church, is really stepping up to the plate. And we are going to give you the finances to be able to pay the first month’s rent and the last month’s rent. And, to be able to pay two more payments on top of that.  How does that sound?

Peter answered,  “That’s awesome”.

Pastor Lance continues, “And it gets better. We know you have a vehicle situation. CBN in partnership with bethel is going to step up and give you the finances to repair your vehicle.”

Sandra answers, “Thank you, God.”

Pastor Lance continues, “It even gets better. We know Christmas is coming.  When you go through financial difficulties, that can be one of the hardest seasons to walk through. We are going to give you the finances to provide a great Christmas for your children.

Sandra says, “Oh, my gosh that is awesome.”

Lance continues, “This is how god gets us back on our feet and helps us move forward in the right direction. Amen?

Their church is paying for rent on their new home while the family waits for peter’s school benefits to kick in.  We also took them to sears automotive to replace the tires and get the transmission fixed.  When sears heard about helping the home front, they kicked in a big discount.  Then it was off to a shopping spree to buy Christmas presents for the kids, something Sandra admits would not have happened if not for CBN and bethel. Peter and Sandra are now celebrating the Christmas season, stress free.

Sandra concludes, “What you guys have done has really fulfilled a lot of our dreams and goals. And I feel like we can now go forward and give to others as well.”

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